Sharing Jesus: Leadership Training Seminar


John & Millie invite you to a life changing seminar which is all about Jesus. You will have a personal spiritual experience and learn how you can share Jesus with others as part of the gospel commission –“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

This Seminar is part of the Comprehensive Health & Family Conference but may be taken without registering for the full conference.

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Date & Location: May 28, 2016 Sabbath afternoon 2:00-5:45 pm Andrews University Burman Hall Towers Chapel, Berrien Springs, Michigan

The time has come that Sharing Jesus should be our number one priority—our most important work. This mini Sharing Jesus Leadership Training provides an opportunity for a group of like-minded individuals to dedicate 4 hours of consideration and prayer on how to lift up the lovely Jesus in our churches and contacts with others. The ways of sharing Jesus will be presented including sharing Him in home groups—instructional steps for organizing and implementing Jesus group ministry as well as Ellen White’s counsel on the importance of sharing the gospel in home groups.

Those driving in for just the Sharing Jesus training will receive a copy of the book JESUS—Who Is He? All participants capture an overview of the vignettes on Jesus’ life and an experience in a small group on key chapters. Instruction will be given on what Ellen White says about presenting Jesus and experiences will be shared on how to use the Reflection Questions to guide others to the foot of the Cross. What will be our JOY to meet on the streets of gold or under the Tree of Life those with whom we have studied, joining in forever praising our wonderful Jesus!

The training presented is an example of what can be done in districts, conferences and unions. Individuals receiving the short training can apply this Sharing Jesus Leadership Training in various ways including being part of evangelistic series, pre-evangelism or post evangelism, and can use it as a basis for small group outreach.

When individuals fall in love with Jesus, they are willing to do His will and keep His commandments. They find that Jesus is still the great Healer—YAHWEH ROPHE –Exodus 15:26. They will embrace the Whole TRUTH, because of a relationship with Him Who said: “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE” –John 14:6.

Prayer Request: Jesus—Who is He? needs to be translated in many languages, starting with Spanish and needs to be published in Australia. May God give us blessings above all we ask or think.

$12 Includes Jesus: Who is He? Book & Handouts
$20 Includes Jesus: Who is He? Book & Handouts and supper meal, & Wes Youngberg’s Lecture: “Goodbye Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer Risk—Preventing and Reversing Disease the Natural Way.”

Lodging if needed
Budget Lodging at Andrews University Burman Hall or Damazo Hall Berrien Springs. Telephone 269-471-6659 contact Rachel Keele.
See lodging section under the WIN! Comprehensive Health & Family Evangelism Conference listed with PlusLine.

The Seminar is a portion of the WIN! Comprehensive Health & Family Evangelism Conference that expands even more fully who Jesus is in our everyday lives and how to “turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” preparing for “the coming of the great . . day of the Lord” –Malachi 4:5-6. This Memorial Day Weekend Conference includes emphases on how to have a Healthy Family Lifestyle and how to Reach Your Genetic Potential. The Lead Presenter is Wes Youngberg, DrPH, author of Goodbye Diabetes and Hello Healthy.

Within this WIN! Comprehensive Health & Family Evangelism Conference, the specific Sharing Jesus Leadership Training Seminar will be offered on
Sabbath afternoon, May 28, University Towers Chapel, Andrews University

2:00 – 5:45 General Session
6:00 – Supper Meal—University Towers downstairs Activity Center
7:00 – Wes Youngberg Presentation – “Goodbye Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer Risk—Preventing and Reversing Disease the Natural Way.”
9:15 –Exhibit

WIN! Wellness Exhibit
To help participants be equipped with ready-to-use materials, WIN! Wellness Books and Non-audio DVDs with 29 Spiritual Health and Family PowerPoint Presentations, there will be an exhibit featuring discount prices. Also for sale will be Wes Youngberg’s 2 recent books Goodbye Diabetes and Hello Healthy

WIN! Wellness
Jesus: Who is He? Books Share Book
1 @ $6.00 ______________________________________________ $ 6.00
5 @ $5.50 ______________________________________________ $27.50
10 @ $5.00 ______________________________________________ $50.00
50 @ $2.50 ______________________________________________ $125.00

Homes of Hope & Health DuoPack 2 DVDs & Set of 3 books _____ $75.00
Spanish DuoPack y 3 libros ¡SÍ!—Salud Integral _____________ $65.00

Goodbye Diabetes—Not at Discount Price___________________________ $28.00
Hello Healthy— Not at Discount Price _______________________________ $20.00

These may be purchased at the WIN! Conference in non-Sabbath hours
Those desiring boxes of Jesus books, may specify their needs in writing, take possession of the boxes on the Sabbath, but arrange finances by mail before or after the Sabbath.

Any Questions contact the Youngbergs
Email or call 269-471-1688