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John and Millie Youngberg, the authors of the WIN! Wellness materials are continuing to travel internationally. Check back often for exciting updates on their recent experiences.

Celebrating Marriage Seminar held in Naples, Florida in Walter Douglas' Church Aug. 25-26, 2017
WIN! Ministry is interested in Healthy Marriages ---John and Millie focused on "enriching the marriage you have". All presentations were positive. Singles were welcome. The Celebration Marriage Banquet was well attended with husbands and wives looking their loveliest for the evening. The keeper phrase from the banquet, " Put more zzzz into zinging up your marriage. The Church team transformed the church into and elegant atmosphere with beauty spots all around. It was a special occasion. Those who had been married the longest and shortest were recognized.

South Africa--Johannesburg and Pretoria June 27 - August 10 2017
John and Millie were invited to help pastors, church leaders and church members to prepare for Mission to the Cities in Johannesburg and Pretoria 2018 by WIN! Wellness Training Sessions which included "Total Member Involvement" Small home group ministry in homes of church members. Learning Content of WIN! Presentations and receiving WIN! Certification were part of the Training Sessions. When leaving the Trans-Orange Conference, South Africa a goal was set for 3,000 small groups in homes and churches by pastors, church leaders and members.

The Youngbergs came prepared to equip those having a home group with the WIN! Wellness 29 presentations in book form and with 29 PowerPoint presentation which are focused on health and family instruction and are research based--gospel centered and are lifestyle changing. They are about helping those we ministered to and they ministered to--to Live: live longer, healthier, happier and holier. If the health and family instruction learned in the weekly one hour session is practiced the learner will actually prevent and even help reverse many diseases. WIN! Is about Total Healthy Living in Happy Homes where the relationship is good and there is love one for another.

The 2 day training session were at 6 locations for Church leaders. Also there was instruction for pastrors and departmental heads. There were many one-to-one sharing sessions with departmental leaders and additional PowerPoint presentations shared with eager learners.

Small group will be a challenge for many in South Africa-- but the rewards will be great--there will be a lot of bonding friendship with churched and non churched made and life time friendships made. In some places the small groups are called Health Club and exercise is part of the weekly session.

Pray for this WIN! ministry in South Africa.

Cuba - April 2017
We are happy to report that Uzziel Maldonado-- one of WIN! Wellness Anchor people joined a group of students from Andrews University to ministery in Cuba. Many miracles took place to make his minitry a blessings to lots of individuals in Cuba. Getting Jesus--Who is He? in Spanish, printed in 2 weeks and packaged for 22 students to take into Cuba and 43 more which Uzziel had in his baggage was a big miracle. The Cuba Health Director held to his breast the Spanish WIN! Wellness books and Power Point presentations he received. There were a numbers of Spanish WIN! Materials distributed to leaders which brought them great joy. Plans are being made for future WIN! Ministry in Cuba.

Australia and Vanuatu — June 8–July 11, 2016

This summer your generosity enabled us to take WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health Leadership Training to its 6th Continent — Australia and several nearby South Sea Islands. Seminars were given in 4 locations and 147 were certified as WIN! Wellness Leadership Trainers. It was an exciting FIRST for us to share our health and family “entering wedge” ministry using small groups in all six inhabited continents. Praise God!

It was especially rewarding to give 14 hours of instruction to all the workers in the Vanuatu Mission, some elders and Bible workers. Our hearts thrilled as we heard these dedicated workers sing traditional gospel hymns. It was an unforgettable experience! Although we incurred additional expenses, it was worth every sacrifice as we saw appreciation in the eyes of the 88 ministers receiving their certificates along with a WIN! Wellness DVD containing 29 topics that they will carry to the remote islands of the Vanuatu Republic!

New WIN! Project

What the world needs today is JESUS. We strongly believe a follow-up to the 29 WIN! Wellness topics is to present the true Healer—our wonderful Savior. After two years of writing and editing, 5,000 copies of the book JESUS—Who Is He? were published. As we write this announcement a second printing of 6,000 is in press. Pray for its translation and publication in Spanish and for its publication in Australia.

South Africa and Zambia — February & March 2015

WIN! Wellness Certification Training was in Cape Town and Durban in South Africa and in Livingston and Monze, Zambia. Shorter training was done in the Johannesburg area. God amazingly opened many doors that seemed impossible for WIN! Ministry in Africa. Flexibility was needed as God led & changed our plan almost daily. The Homes of Hope & Health books were published in 3 days for training sessions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. By the time training sessions were held in Durban, 1000 books were published in Cape Town ready for Durban and the South Africa Union Training Sessions. We did a lot of seed sowing—753 WIN Trainers received WIN! Certificates.

Many thanks to Gideon and Rhona Reyneke from the South African Union for inviting us and planning our itinerary, and to Dr. Vanney in Zambia for planning training sessions in Livingston and Monze. Zambia has a goal to train 1,500 Medical Missionaries during 2015. We were there at the right time. In Livingston 440 people came on Sabbath and Sunday to be trained to do Group Ministry—funds are still needed to equip some individuals with needed training materials.

WIN! Wellness China Project Report

We thank God for the encouragement given us as we go forward globally doing the WIN! Wellness Ministry and for how God has blessed and protected us during our recent trip to 5 metropolitan cities in China where there are millions of unreached people. We are thankful for funds shared, for those who prayed over our long list of prayer requests and are thankful to God that every request was answered. We cannot minister globally without God’s help and help of others who God sends to us.

What a privilege it was to mingle with our China believers and to equip them with health Simplified Mandarin books and PowerPoint presentations DVDs. They were encouraged to reach others through small groups using the entering wedge approach of health and family instruction. We are thankful for our China Contact person who organized the events and not only translated but led out in the WIN! Wellness Training Sessions.

Many times when things were difficult for us in China, we felt that someone was praying. Thank you for your prayers. We needed lots of “Prayer Cover” while preparing for our recent Hong Kong and China trip, and during our stay there. After returning from China, there was such joy in our hearts, praise on our lips and thankfulness for His Protection. God was so good to us.

Now God is opening up other doors for this ministry and your support is still needed. We fly to Geneva on July 1, where we will have two presentations at the 2nd Global Health Conference and will share with many of those attending from the world field. This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Please keep praying as we continue to go forward with the WIN! Wellness Ministry, which we believe is a “Heaven Born” idea and is spreading fast globally.

We say “thanks” to you and to God.

Report of Answers to All the Prayers for Hong Kong and China

Thanks to God our Visas for China came—some do not get them. There was a discussion between the Chicago Consulate and China 3 days before our flight. We were fortunate. The Visas arrived 2 days before our departure to Hong Kong where we attended the 9th China Ministerial Conference under the leadership of Robert Falkenberg, Jr.

Our Taiwan Anchor people—Danny and Tamara Storie joined us in Hong Kong for the ministerial session. They had translated the 3 WIN! Homes of Hope and Health books to Traditional Mandarin and had them printed as bilingual books in Mandarin and English. These can be used all over Taiwan and among the Chinese in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. At the close of the session the four of us had 7 minutes to share about WIN! Ministry and how it could be used in China. We were amazed at the enthusiasm that was sparked by our presentation. This material on Health and Family Wellness is research based; gospel centered and has a relationship emphasis. There was excitement in the air. All copies were given away to those attending. The China Union Mission immediately made a request for 5,000 copies in Simplified Mandarin. This was a wow moment! These will be given to all Chinese pastors, elders, Pioneers, and Centers of Influence leaders. Now funds are being received for this project.

There are a lot of sensitive issues to consider when ministering in China. We trained WIN! Trainers with our translator who also is our Chinese anchor person. We ministered in 5 different metropolitan cities with populations between 8 million and 30 million of unreached people. In each place those who took the training committed themselves to open up their homes to small/larger grow group ministry.

We tentatively have an invitation next fall to teach a course in an underground seminary on Public Health including our WIN! Wellness topics for students, pastors and local leaders.

The work is going forward in China. The latest report from our WIN! anchor person in one city is: “I am busy with doing WIN! Wellness Ministry by working with our community churches. I planned a five-day long seminar for each community church. Pray for us as we move forward.”

Scott Griswold from ASAP reports that when he was in Laos he saw the WIN! Wellness edition that was translated into the Laos language. The Southern Asia-Pacific Division have already or are in the process of translating the WIN! Books and DVDs into 16 languages.

December 8, 2013

The Youngbergs conducted a WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health Training Session for small group ministry at the Standifer Gap Church in Tennessee. A number of churches in the area also attended. Small groups using the WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health materials are now being organized in this area and a Marriage Commitment Seminar which is part of the WIN! Wellness ministry is being planned for the church on February 8, 2014.

December 7, 2013

John and Millie Youngberg shared a sermon, "Go Ye" with Mickie Mallory, pastor of the Standifer Gap Church near Southern Adventist University.

December 2-4, 2013

John and Millie Youngberg presented at the Southern Union Evangelism Council 2013 at Daytona Beach, The session Theme: "IDEA To Reach". They attended their WIN! Wellness Exhibit and networked with many who attended the 3 day conference. They were blessed not only by the presentations of many including President Ted Wilson, Ron Halverson, Ron Clouzet and other.

Fall 2013

In the Fall John and Millie Youngberg had 2 Grow Groups in their home using Getting Started on the Path to Health and Healing PowerPoint presentations and Finishing Strong on the Path to Health and Healing with another group on Tuesday evenings. Church and non church individuals attended. It was refreshing having the young college students from Andrews University and older individuals bonded together in the group sessions. It was awesome to see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of non-church individuals as they grew spiritually and changed their lifestyles.

Global Training—Into All the World!

Just Happening! Steven Cooper, Health Ministries Director of the Trans-European Division is carrying WIN! Wellness materials to Sweden, Norway, Poland and other European countries.

The U.K. Advent Press is coordinating the distribution of WIN! materials throughout the U.K., Ireland, and Europe. Thank you Daren Bullock!

Manchester England Mission to the Cities using Homes of Hope & Health in small groups and finding the resources very effective, writes Grace Walsh, Health Ministries Director of the N. England Conference.

SouthEast Asia—Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, are launching WIN! in January, 2014 in various languages, writes Edmund Liah, Executive Secretary of the Union. The official name is IEL—Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division—Translations of WIN! done or in process in 18 languages. In a few places they have translated but have not yet printed because of financial difficulty, writes Helen Gulfan, Shepherdess International coordinator.

India—Translator found who can translate from English to Hindi. Cost will be about $1,000 US for 3 books. We’ll move ahead as soon as we have the money. Thank you, Robert Crounse for coordinating this push forward.

India SAYJ—Some 150 young people we trained in early 2013 are leading out or participating in small groups across 15 regions or churches. People in these small groups are Hindus, Baptists, Catholics, etc., write Sven and Prerna Pauliah, Presidents of Southern Asia Youth for Jesus. Things are moving in the Asian Sub-Continent. Praise God!

China—Churches have organized small groups at members’ homes. One church has WIN! training as part of the Sabbath p.m. program. Those having the 3 books in Simplified Mandarin say WIN! is just right for them to reach unbelieving family members, relatives and friends. Our training of 294 trainers is paying off!

Portugal—the Health, Family, Sabbath School and Evangelism Departments of the Union united to hopefully get the WIN! materials ready by the end of January, 2014, write Pastor Daniel Bastos.

Finland—Wes Youngberg will be presenting Goodbye Diabetes to a convention in February 2014. Try to stay warm, Wes. There’s not much sun in Finland in the Winter!

The Russians are Coming! President Billy Biaggi of the Euro-Asia Division is pushing hard to finish translation of WIN! materials into Russian and other Eastern European languages, Nadezda Ivanova, Director of the Health Ministries Department reports. They received the electronic copy we sent and were delighted.

ASI International Convention, August 7-10, 2013

Held this year in Orlando, Florida, the ASI convention was a powerful time. The theme was "It is Time to be About Our Father's Business." Attendees were inspired and many visited the WIN! Wellness booth.

UK & Ireland Seminars, May–June, 2013

After the international health conference in Prague, we flew to Ireland. Edith Samambwa, the enthusiastic Health Ministries director, with only 8 days of notice, gathered a strong delegation to a hotel outside Dublin. A few days later we had the opportunity to train all the Pastors, except one, from Ireland and North Ireland. Pastor David Neal, president of the mission commented the WIN! Wellness “was a programme laced with grace.” In Scotland all the Health Ministries directors of the British Union plus others gathered at a lovely hotel where a Scotland “loch” (lake—actually an arm of the ocean) made an ideal setting with snow-capped mountains in the distance. Blessed days of instruction and prayer followed. Next we flew to South England making key contacts with church leaders and one London church. Their time in the U.K. culminated with certification training for the North England Conference in Manchester, England’s 3rd largest city. There are plans to use WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health small groups as part of the pre-evangelism or follow-up for upcoming urban evangelism in London and in Manchester.

NYC NAD Health Summit, February 13–17, 2013

There was a large attendance at the North American Division Health Summit in New York. Many came by to see the WIN! Wellness Exhibit and attended the WIN! Homes of Hope & Health Leadership Seminar training. We rejoiced to see that a good group of these were local and planned to use their new expertise during the New York City Urban Evangelism campaigns that were being launched. Others came from across the ocean. Among them was Pastor Steve Cooper, Health Ministries director of the Trans-European Division. Dr. Wes Youngberg presented his newly-published book, Goodbye Diabetes. The book was eagerly received.

European Health Conference, April 3–May 4, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

Leaders gathered from Russia to Spain, from Serbia to Ireland and Scandanavia. Delegates were 500 strong from 34 countries. WIN! Wellness had the only book display. God blessed in Homes of Hope & Health Seminar. Leaders from Russia, Slovenia, Romania, France, Germany, and Portugal are planning to translate and publish the 3 WIN! Wellness books. Praise God!

India—South Asia Youth for Jesus Conference—January–February 2013.

Two hundred and twenty SAYJ were trained to organize WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health. Training sessions were also held in New Delhi, Chennai, Velore, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

International CHIP Conference in Georgia, November 2012

Hundreds from all parts of the U.S. and a strong leadership team from Australia gathered at Cohutta Springs, Georgia. Those who attended were interested in helping others to change lifestyle and harmful eating habits. It is always stimulating to mingle with CHIP people who have a passion for improving lifestyle, at our WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health Exhibits. Contacts were made with two leading researchers on how to evaluate the results of WIN! Wellness lifestyle training including laboratory testing and gene testing.

ASI International Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio, August 2012

ASI Conventions are always a great place to network and connect with others who have the same passion. People who attend are interested in healthy living and healthy families. WIN! Wellness had an exhibit which attracted many people.

Taiwan, May 5—June 4, 2012

At TAC, a Christian college, in Taiwan, a course on Comprehensive Health and Family Instruction using the Homes of Hope & Health curriculum was conducted for individuals in the community, church members and seminary students at the college. The simplified Mandarin books were used, but the preferred translation was traditional Mandarin which was not available. As this is being written [August 2013] the three Homes of Hope & Health books have now been translated into Traditional Mandarin in a Bilingual format to help individuals or groups learn about improving Lifestyle and also to also improve language skills in either English or Traditional Mandarin, the official language of Taiwan. Creative plans are being made in Taiwan to touch lives for good by instruction in healthful living and cutting down the risk of diabetes, heart attack and other degenerative diseases.

China, April 22–May 12, 2012

The set of three Homes of Hope & Health books translated into simplified Mandarin were published in China just in time for three Training of Trainers seminars in three metropolitan areas which focused on small grow groups emphasizing the importance of improving their personal lifestyle and teaching others in churches and communities to live healthy and happy lives. The small group discussion time was enthusiastic as individuals shared their personal experiences and information. Friendships were made as the small groups bonded together. Almost 400 were certified as WIN! Wellness Trainers for small group health and family instruction. They learned, they shared, and made new friends.

Singapore, April 16–21, 2012

WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health held a Training of Trainers Workshop for Southern Asia Pacific Division in Singapore. Fifty-five delegates from 10 countries were sent to be trained to train others in their field to do small group ministry, hold seminars and conduct health and family evangelism meetings. The WIN! Wellness Level One Certification requirements were fulfilled. At this training workshop the group decided to recommend to their division that all church department adopt the WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope and Health curriculum for their Entering Wedge commitment to their communities for 5 years. They made plans to translate the three Homes of Hope and Health books, Getting Started: On the Path to Health and Healing, Pressing Forward: On the Path to Health and Healing and Finishing Strong: On the Path to Health and Healing into 18 Asian languages. The Division went through the 29 Homes of Hope & Health PowerPoint presentations and prepared themselves for training the Union People. They will train the conference/mission people who will train the church leaders. The churches are now involved and reports are that the materials are a great blessing to church and non-church members.