Creating a Health Revolution: The History of the SDA Health Message

Reaching Your Genetic Potential and Optimizing Heart & Home Health

Reversing Diabetes, Cognitive Decline and Preventing Cancer

Homes of Hope and Health Topics: Exercise, Hope, Sunlight, Rest, Appreciation, Communication, Conflict, and Genes

Justification for Medical Missionary Work  –Wellness 

Ministry of Health and Wellness a Part of the Three Angels’ Messages

Forgiveness: A Time for Healing

Sharing Jesus in Family & Beyond

Sharing Jesus in Today’s Fast Moving WorldChurch Comprehensive Wellness Centers

Group Ministry—Apostolic Ministry – Last Day Ministry

Captivating Your Audience. Best Methodologies of Presentation

Use of Technology in Presentations

FlyBys on Chosen Health & Family Topics

Hope in a Hopeless World

Nutrition: Your Fate is On Your Plate

Every Church a Health Center—What can you do to make it so?

Home Remedies for Difficult Times—with handouts

Marriage a Healthy Thing – Commitment

Family Relationships and Health

Elijah Message

Personal Testimonies

“The New You”

Call to Serve and Train others to Serve