Fees: Conference & Meals









































Conference Registration for Fri. 6:30 – Mon. 12:30 pm



Conference Registration + full meal package including banquet



Conference Registration: meal plan, Jesus: Who is He? Book, WIN! Homes of Hope & Health DVD




Registration for only Sharing Jesus Training Seminar Sabbath 2:00-5:45pm. Includes Jesus: Who is He? Book



Sabbath Lunch at Andrews Cafeteria – Deadline for reservation is May 20th




Student registration for Conference with Banquet



Student registration without banquet or meals



Banquet only registration: Sunday evening meal



Children Meal Plan for children 12 or younger



CEU credits available 2 credits from Griggs University



Late registration, after May 24, 2016 and on site




When registering for academic credit at Andrews Undergraduate Department of Public Health, Nutrition and Wellness 1 hour credit, FNDT 440 Topics: Health and Wellness Family Conference (no extra fee except banquet). Contact: Dr. Sherri Isaak 269-471-3372


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