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WIN! Wellness Certification 

Those who desire WIN! Wellness Certification, CEUs, or undergraduate academic credit will be required to check in to the sessions on attendance sheets.

Locations of meals provided are listed in the schedule.
All meals will be vegetarian and will include vegan options and gluten free choices.
Dress: Business casual
Gospel Centered
Researched Based
Ministry of Healing Model
Gentle Presentation of Doctrines


Help people to LIVE:  Live longer, healthier, happier and holier! 

WIN! Wellness Materials Available for Personal Health and Family Learning, for Group Ministry—Reaping—Evangelism and sharing in many ways.  


WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health Series

Getting Started • Pressing Forward • Finishing Strong
•  29 topics—medical and family evangelism prepared for small group ministry
•  New graphics—1281 of them.  Group Reflection discussion, questions with intentionality
•  Series of 3 new Homes of Hope & Health books for participants
•  Designed to equip others in fulfilling the gospel commission
•  Blends physical, mental-spiritual, and family wellness
•  Research-based program for church & non-church members

Complete ready-to-use materials
You will learn how to use them
Life changing • Easy to use • Fun to participate


Jesus Method -Short powerful talks – Questions –Reflections –Discussion time
Presentation Topic Choices in Breakouts
Personal “New You” Group Participant Presentations