Leadership Training Information



Leadership Training Information

Many who have a passion for medical and family ministry and have good computer/DVD Player skills do not need an extensive WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health (HOHH) training. The latest DVDs have a file titled: WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Help: Training of Trainers Manual.


Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers Workshops are available globally for large groups who may be delegates from different communities, corporations, churches, church districts, conferences, unions or world divisions. There are no charges for services but honorariums are welcome. Required are transportation, food, and lodging for two.

Certificates are given those who fulfill requirements. Sessions are instructive, motivational, fun, include hands-on laboratory experience and contribute to personal lifestyle change.



The WIN! Wellness Leadership Certificate is offered at two levels.
Level I: 12 hours of training for leaders of small groups, seminars, public presentations.
Level II: 20-25 hours preparing Trainers of Trainers. This includes actually presenting at least 3 topics to a small group, public seminar, or professional meetings.


For more information contact John & Millie.


Church Training Session for Small Group Health and Family Ministry

Leadership training contributes to a more successful church small group ministry and to more effective organization and productive small group outreach. Working in small groups where participants feel accountability to others in the group encourages each one to become intentional about lifestyle change.

See WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health Training of Trainers Manual file in the North American Division Digi-Pack or in the International Duo-Pack for more information on training of church members to do this work.


Tips for Having a Small Group

  • Invite neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers who are interested in health and family for small group instruction
  • Meet once a week for one hour with thirty-forty minutes instruction and 10-30 minutes discussion time.
  • Present by yourself or with others.
  • Motivate intentionality in lifestyle changes.

Different Ways of Using WIN!

  • Health and Family Seminars
  • Individual Family Instruction
  • Family Seminar with Health Emphasis
  • Family Evangelism
  • Health Evangelism
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Small Groups Ministries
  • Church Services
  • Solo or Duo Learning
  • Wellness Center Lectures
  • Drug Addiction Topics for Youth
  • Wellness Lectures on Radio and Television
  • Women’s Group Presentations
  • Prison Ministry
  • Health Instruction for Poverty Groups
  • Family Counseling Centers
  • Support Groups
  • Homeschoolers
  • Family Camps
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • Youth Ministry
  • Large Health or Family Seminars