Translate Materials

You can use your gift of language to make WIN! Wellness materials available into other global countries!

Are you gifted with the knowledge of a second language? We are currently in need of translations of our latest book Jesus: Who Is He? This book has been translated only into the Spanish language. At this time, it has not been published for distribution. There are some languages that we would like to have our Homes of Hope and Health series books 1-3 translated into: Cheichewa (Malawi) and other African languages. Although work is currently being done in a number of languages, we still want to see this ministry available globally in many languages.

If you feel called to help WIN! Wellness by translating materials into another language, please contact us for further information. Due to limited resources, volunteers would help to expand the ministry.

Current Translation Progress:

At present, WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope and Health have been translated into about 32 languages.

In Asia-Pacific Division some of the 18 languages have been translated, but several fields do not have funds to have the books published. Donors are needed for this project.

Translations are needed in most of the Indian languages, but the reports are that the books are in the Tamil language.

In Taiwan, the WIN! Wellness books and DVDs are translated into Traditional Mandarin. Needed in Taiwan is an anchor person to do WIN! Wellness Training of Trainers in different parts of the country. This we would like to also have in India, Africa, China and Vanuatu as funds are made available.

Also, there is interest in preparing the WIN! Wellness simplified Mandarin into a bilingual book as has been done in Taiwan for traditional Mandarin and English. The health and wellness bilingual books may be used in language schools, centers of influence, for health evangelism and for small bilingual home groups in mainland China. These books can also be used as textbooks or for personal learning.