Make a Gift

We are always thankful when God nudges individuals to contribute to the Global WIN! Wellness ministry. We have discovered that no longer can we depend on the sales of WIN! Wellness materials for this widely expanding global ministry in India, China, South Africa, Zambia, Austrailia, Vanuatu, ten countries in Asia, Singapore, Europe, Taiwan, Russia and other countries where the materials are being used and in some countries where they are now being translated.

We could expand in a greater way if more funds were available. Global health instruction is extremely important.  

We are happy to report that the Jesus: Who Is He? share book has now been translated into Spanish. Due to lack of funds and expert help, we have not been able to get the book formatted for book publication. We are praying that the Lord will guide as to where the Hispanic Jesus: Who is He? should be published. Pray with us about this.

Lives are being physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally and socially changed in Homes of Hope and Health Small Group/Grow Group sessions, where "love—in—action" is experienced—bonding takes place—new friends are made and instruction is given for lifestyle change and the prevention and recovery of disease.  

John & Millie Youngberg receive no remuneration for their ministry. It is a faith ministry that can only continue by the sale of the materials in some countries and from donors whom God has chosen to sustain this cause.

Supporters are reaching the world with the WIN! Wellness Ministry of Healing model—of comprehensive health and family evangelism as an entering wedge to heart and home and the sharing of Jesus: Who is He? This ministry can be advanced in a greater way through financial support by donors who want to have a part in this global ministry. 


Financial gifts great or small all add up, and God will bless them all.

If you feel impressed to donate, please indicate which area you would like to support.  You may wish to contribute funds towards the most current global project. 

Tax deductions are available from a 501(c)(3) organization. Thank you for your love gift to this ministry! Donations may be made below or sent to WIN! Wllness, 4731 Greenfield Dr., Berrien Springs, MI 49103. Make checks out to WIN! Wellness. Your donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

General Donations for Global Ministry 

Every gift counts, whether it is $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $5,000 or something more. Pray about how God could be calling you to help spread His message through the WIN! Wellness ministry.

Specific WIN! Wellness Global Outreach Needs

  • A Need—To have someone design the Hispanic Jesus: Who Is He? for publishing.
  • A Need—To have the Hispanic Jesus: Who Is He book printed for wide distribution in Cuba and other Hispanic countries. 
  • A Need—To organize a team for small group Jesus: Who Is He? training in Cuba homes and churches.
  • A Need— More help in our home office—there is too much to do for the two of us. 
  • A Need—To get the Jesus: Who is He? prepared for eBook, an Audio book with different readers, and in different languages 
  • A Need—A person to lead out in WIN! Wellness Marketing globally at the Michigan home office.
  • A Need—Financial support for training of Professional Anchor Trainers in: Vanuatu, Africa, India, Thailand, China and Cuba. 
  • A Need—Translating and publishing WIN! materials into more languages.
  • A Need—Funds for getting Jesus: Who is He? into more global languages.   
  • A Need—Transportation for John & Millie to equip anchor trainers and church leaders in Cuba, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and countries where God leads for WIN! Wellness Leadership Training.
  • A Need— A professional health educatior to assist John and Millie in home and global ministry.