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"WIN! Wellness is a vital map for the third millennium—follow it, and you’ll never be the same again!"
Dwight K. Nelson, Senior Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church

“What the Youngbergs have done in taking simple basic health principles and relating them to the three most important spheres of our life and health really is nothing short of being a masterpiece.”
Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, General Conference of SDA Health Ministries Associate Director

“The WIN! Wellness books and DVDs can save lives—maybe yours!” Joel Fuhrman, MD, Author of the book Eat for Health

"I attended a WIN! Wellness Homes of Hope & Health group sponsored by Pioneer Memorial Church. The sessions changed my life. I started walking 2 miles a day, ate more fruits and veggies, chose to eat more fiber food, quit a job so I could get more rest and grew spiritually as presenters applied Jesus to our evening presentation. They all were gospel centered and it was interesting how the Bible doctrines were so skillfully woven into the health and family topics. People are telling me that I am really looking good which is helping me with my self-concept. I have lost 15 pounds. Now I am looking where I can buy some nice looking clothes that are modest—need size 12 at a price I can afford." —Clara

A young lady baptized on July 13, 2013 in Michigan, USA was surrounded by her family who had arrived from Indonesia for the sacred occasion. When Millie greeted her after the service she was introduced to her father and then her brother who was a pastor in Indonesia. Knowing that Homes of Hope & Health ministry had been translated into the Indonesian Bahasa language, she asked if he knew about the WIN! Wellness HOHH Ministry. He smiled and enthusiastically responded, “Oh yes, it is such a blessing to our churches in Indonesia.” Now it was Millie’s turn to praise God. All Homes of Hope & Health books and PPt presentations have been translated for the Indonesia people so rich or poor, well educated or barely literate, can have a small group ministry in their homes or churches using electronic or non-electronic media. Lives are being changed.

In New York City at the WIN! Wellness Leadership Training for the North American Division Health Summit, John and Millie Youngberg demonstrated the presentation “A Time for Healing” on the topic of forgiveness. The next morning a young lady approached Millie saying, “I could not sleep all last night because I was in pain processing what you said about forgiveness. This morning something happened to me and I freely forgave those who hurt me and now I am free!” With a broad and happy smile she reached her hands heavenward and gleefully repeated, “I am free!” She is no longer a victim but a joyful survivor.