Our mission

  • To promote Christ’s Ministry of Healing model
  • To fulfill Christ’s mission of healing the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.
  • To turn the hearts of parents to children and children to their parents in relational family wellness
  • To help people to LIVE: Live healthier, happier, holier and even longer. Give hope to the hopeless, to help prevent illness—degenerative and catastrophic disease, to integrate Bible truths with scientific research to be an entering wedge to heart and home. To equip others to do comprehensive health and family ministry and fulfill the gospel commission, “Go Ye into all the world.”


WIN! Wellness is a non-profit organization interested in the promotion of healthful living and prevention of disease in families and communities worldwide. It seeks to recapture the holistic Ministry of Healing model which encompasses physical and mental health, spiritual growth and family enrichment.

WIN! Wellness equips anyone who senses a calling to help others improve their lifestyle and family relationships by making available professional ready-to-use materials.

The holistic wellness concepts present in the WIN! Wellness materials are for anyone who desires to improve their lifestyle—mentally, physically, and spiritually wellness, develop positive relationships in the home, workplace and with those they meet.

The Homes of Hope and Health series have been specifically designed for worldwide distribution for individual and small group learning as well as being used for seminar presentations, larger meetings and the media.

WIN! Wellness also greatly impacts the leaders by enriching their personal lifestyle and fitness. Presenters and hosts can have a positive impact on lives all around the world as they dedicate themselves to a cause bigger than they are.