Doctors John and Millie Youngberg have taught in the School of Education of Andrews University most of their professional careers and directed Family Life International for 24 years. They are international speakers having ministered in 42 countries, have authored more than 30 books and are Professors Emeriti of Andrews University. John has been a mountain-climbing enthusiast and has climbed the highest mountains in 43 states of the US. Millie organized the 10 Days of Prayer program in 1991 and over the last 26 years they have opened their home for prayer January 1-10 each year. The family has built a cabin in the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Their son John Jr. was a missionary in Guam for 6 years and now heads the Construction Management program at Southern Adventist University and leads building teams in needy places like Haiti and Peru. He is the father of 2 grown children. His wife Ivette directed Women’s Ministries in Guam and now teaches high school Spanish in Hamilton Country, Tennessee.


Co-author Doctor Wes Youngberg is a clinical professor of both the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health of Loma Linda University. He is a founding director and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is Director of the Youngberg Lifestyle and Nutritional Medicine Clinic in Temecula, California. He worked 14 years as medical missionary transforming patients from sickness to health on the Island of Guam. Wes plays basketball every week, frequents the gym and enjoys participating in his children’s activities. His wife Betsy is a Dental Hygienist. They have 3 children.

In Guam Doctor Wes faced a staggering diabedemic with diabetes death rates nearly 5 times higher than on the U.S. mainland. His passion for preventing diabetes and heart disease with their ravishing effects and his experience of reversing diabetes in hundreds of patients has led to the publication in 2013 of his ground-breaking book Goodbye Diabetes. He also is the author of the book Hello Healthy and presenter in the Diabetes Undone Seminar. Wes Youngberg has become the international speaker of diabetes, health disorders, and alzheimers. He also does consultation by phone through his office at the Youngberg Clinic. He can be reached at and his website is: