WIN! Wellness Exhibit
To help participants be equipped with ready to use materials WIN! Wellness Books and Non-audio DVDs with 29 Spiritual Health and Family PowerPoint Presentations will be made available for purchase at a discount price. Spanish WIN! series ¡SÍ! Salud Integral, Chinese and Arabic translations of WIN! Muslim-friendly edition, Wes Youngberg’s 2 recent books—Goodbye Diabetes and Hello Healthy will be available for purchase.

Materials Available  

Homes of Hope & Health 
DuoPack 2 DVDs & Set of 3 books__________     $75.00            
Spanish DuoPack y 3 libros ¡SÍ! Salud Integral  __  $65.00
Chinese Simplified Mandarin books & DVDs 
(4 sets available) ___________________________$75.00

Jesus—Who Is He?
1    @ $6.00   ______________________________$6.00
5    @ $5.50   ______________________________$27.50 
10  @ $5.00   ______________________________$50.00
50  @ $2.50  by the Box_____________________ $125.00

Goodbye Diabetes __________________________ $28.00   Hello Healthy_______________________________$20.00
“Poor health is the modern world’s ‘plague’ literally destroying mankind’s potential to live a productive, satisfying life. This book explains in simple, practical terms how to reverse that plague and achieve optimal health. Read it. Live it. Share it. It just might be the best thing you’ll ever do.”
Materials may be purchased at the WIN! Conference
All funds of purchases are used for expanding WIN! Wellness Global Ministry.  Donations will be accepted  

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